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Serving Putnam and Westchester counties since 1987


We specialize in preventive roof maintenance
for flat roofing and other residential and commercial roofing. 

Proper maintenance of flat roofing will reduce the cost of repairing the roof over time. High Ridge professional roofers will identify troubled areas and help you decide the most cost effective way to add years to the roofs life. We use the highest quality of membrane system to waterproof our roof installations.  We have many roof preventive maintenance programs.

Waterproofing service is very important if you want to maintain the integrity of your building, basement and foundation. A quality waterproofing job, when done right, adds to and reinforces the  strength of the structure and helps avoid further deterioration. 

<- Top photo shows before shot of flat roof with ponding water.





<- Bottom photo shows built up roof with insulation and new EPDM pitched towards drains